Here’s How to Make No-Bake Homemade Cat Treats

Are you looking for a way to show your furry feline friend some extra love? Homemade cat treats are the perfect solution! Not only do they provide great bonding time between you and your pet, but they’re also incredibly easy to make, no oven necessary! As Per Purina ”Treats or cat biscuits can be useful … Read more

Grain-Free Homemade Cat Treats Recipes

Grain-Free Homemade Cat Treats Recipes

You may not be aware of the sheer number of grain-inclusive cat treats that are available for purchase. In fact, most store-bought cat treats include a form of grain in their ingredients list. While there are some products without any grains, they tend to be quite costly and many people find them to be out … Read more

Homemade Cat Treats Peanut Butter Recipe

As a cat owner, it’s only natural to want to show your beloved feline friend just how much you care. One way to do this is by providing them with homemade cat treats. Homemade peanut butter cat treats will be a good option for your feline friend. According to RSPCA”Treats are a fantastic way to … Read more

Homemade Pumpkin Cat Treats Recipe

Pumpkin cat treats are a fantastic way to provide your feline companion with a nutritious and delicious snack that they will love. As Per Petplan ”For pumpkin, always use fresh and make sure it’s properly cooked.’ This recipe makes a large bowl of biscuits.” Made with simple ingredients such as pumpkin, oats, catnip, and honey, these homemade treats are not only … Read more